Charyse Reinfelder



2019 Adventures 


Currently: Tahiti & Tonga
Aug - Oct 2019

Each year I grab my wetsuit, fins and snorkel and head to Tonga with Karim Iliya to swim with humpback whales and learn through observation each unique behavior, and to connect with these amazing gentle giants.

There are now dates for 2020 if you would like to join next year!



Baja Peninsula and the Sea of Cortez : Striped Marlin Hunting & more

November 23rd - Dec 3rd

Next trip on the agenda will be an incredible journey to Mexico. I will be headed with Karim Iliya to photograph striped marlin hunting in the Baja Peninsula. These large fish hunt in packs, forming smaller fish into giant bait balls to feed on. After 5 days there we will head over to the Sea of Cortez to spend 3 more days photographing and diving with sea lions, mobular rays, whale sharks and more. If you are thinking of joining, click the button below to find out more.


About Me

My desire to protect, connect, and understand the ocean started young at my earliest memories.


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