Charyse Reinfelder

My name is Charyse Reinfelder.

I am a creative traveling around the world as a photographer, filmmaker, digital artist, web designer and model. My passion for the ocean and the underwater world started at a very young age. My earliest memories were for my love of dolphins and the intelligence of marine creatures. I always knew I wanted to work with marine life in some way and documenting, photographing and filming became my avenue into this world.

I am a certified AIDA freediver as well as scuba certified. I spend much of my year in Tonga documenting humpback whales and photographing and filming underwater and on the island of Maui. I also work part of the year as an emergency travel nurse on mainland US. My curiosity is endless and pushes me to explore new places and people.

I specialize in flying drones, underwater and wildlife photography, film, and expanding my creativity with digital and other medias of art. My goal is to help bring awareness to the endangered animals of the world as well as creating connection between our planet and humans. Deepening our connection with creatures can build a different outlook on the animals many know very little about. In documenting I hope to spread awareness of our human impacts on the earth and oceans to help protect and replenish what is left of it.